Gardening has been in the family for over a century. Hans’ granddad was tomato grower and had six “chimneys"; in those days we didn’t talk about metres, it consisted of 2 hectares. In 1974 Hans’ dad switched to rose cultivation. In 1980 Hans, his brother Siem and dad Aad founded a company. 

Simone’s granddad had a farm. In 1962 her dad built a greenhouse on one hectare. Until 1978 he cultivated various vegetables and 

Poinsettias and from 1978 roses. After school hours and later after work hours, Simone helped her dad.

In 1986 Hans and Simone took over a part of the greenhouse of Hans’ dad and built an extension with own processing area and boiler house. They continued under the name VOF J.A. van der Burg. They have three sons and who knows this piece of ground at the Noordeindseweg 426 will still be planted by one of the Van der Burg’s in the future.